About Us

Every ​piece of ​art ​i​n this gallery is ​hand​made ​by artists ​who each have a unique vision. ​ ​Art can ​settle in ​a ​person’s heart and ​unveil their own creativity; revealing their capacity to overcome, ​to ​endure, ​to ​transform, to love and to be greater than ​their ​suffering.

Art does​ ​n​o​t need to be made from expensive materials and paints. ​ ​Art ​must ​simply be meaningful ​- opening hearts and minds with the stroke of a brush. There are painters who transform the sun ​in​to a yellow spot, ​and others who transform a yellow spot into ​the ​sun. ​ We are interested in those who are ​open to loving, being loved, moving, being moved, ​hoping, and in truly living.

Imagin8Studio ​began as a ​drop​ of paint​ ​and is growing in​to a masterpiece. ​ ​We transformed a single ​piece of ​art ​in​to a gathering of ​artists. ​ ​We build ​business out of passion​, collecting ​​and selling great art. ​ ​We aim to bring ​artists to the next level, tapping them into ​a universal world of art, way beyond their own communities.

We are inspired to build a gathering of ​art ​enthusiast​s​ who ​appreciate art ​for what it does to our hearts and how it changes our minds and our ways of living.  Let’s unleash ​our collective creativity and touch others with ​art.

Begin now with a single click of your hand​​ and show the world the artist in you​!​